YOGI: Cameron “Priyadarshana” Fraser

AGE: 23

STUDENT: I’ve been practicing Yoga for 7 years

TEACHER: I’ve been teaching for 1 year. My favourite teacher is Loren Johnson

RESIDES: Perth, Western Australia

YOUR STUDIO: Freelance for Kāma Wellness

YOGA STYLE: Tantric Hatha Yoga


In a world where consumerism, commercialism and capitalism governs our attitude toward what is deemed important or meaningful, Yoga has helped me live more authentically. My practice has helped me cultivate authentic life experiences by encouraging me to explore the limitations of my existence, including the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, social and sexual realms. Through teaching, Yoga allows me help others discover a world where they do not have to tacitly abide by conventional societal frameworks. It is very rewarding to see others liberate and embrace their body, mind, spirit and sexuality by exploring the many avenues of Yoga. This is why Yoga is important to me.

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