Toni Sparkle Shoot (2)

I could not recommend this more!! This glitter (using bio glitter as a request from me) photo shoot was one of the highlights of my pregnancy so far. I knew I wanted pics to document my belly and changing body. When I saw someone had done these I was sure that was the only way I would have topless shots and I thought they looked great. 38+6 weeks pregnant documented in glitter so blessed!!!

The experience was so much more than I expected. I would seriously recommend these for¬†anyone pregnant or not. I knew I was topless, but felt covered up with the glitter, but the glitter didn’t feel like anything on my body. So hard to describe. I’m not someone that throws around the phrase that was empowering around but honestly it was. I’ve loved my growing and changing body but these photos have taken my appreciation to another level!

Thank you so much @SoulSparkleRetreats and @KimberlyWilliamsPhotography, I
am very grateful for these and the experience! I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures, the ones I have seen already are amazing!!

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