Donate and support yotography - yoga photographer Kimberley Williams. Perth Australia

My Misson

My mission is to collaborate within the yogi community to promote ourselves in the best possible light. We have stories to share. This could include business expertise including yoga teacher training, events and product lines.

Connect with the yoga community including local, national and internationally. None of us are as smart as all of us.

Share your knowledge and experiences both with our community and the outside yoga world. Ask for feedback. Networking can only make our community stronger.


I now offer to participants the option to donate to YOtoGrAphy if you are wanting to support my efforts. In addition to the 3 free images if you donate the following amounts I will release additional images
$50 donation – receive 2 images
$75 donation – receive 4 images
$100 donation – receive 6 images

No donation is too small and ALWAYS appreciated! Help support YOtoGrAphy as I plan to go on a road trip in 2017 around Australia to shoot YOGi’s in the amazing landscape. There will be more information posted about the road trip at a later date but if you want to get involved now, please email me about this for more information. I can’t wait to get on the road and meet more wonderful YOGi’s sharing their stories to the world through my photography.